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We’re proud that so many remarkable veterans choose to bring their skills and experience to DuPont. Our Veterans Network offers support at every stage of their careers.

Our longstanding commitment to veterans includes an internal DuPont Veterans Network that advocates on veterans’ affairs and employment issues at the company. The Network contributes to the professional development of network members, supports the hiring and retention of veterans as a diverse talent pool, and helps new employees make a successful transition from military to civilian work.

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We are striving to have 10% of our new hires be veterans of the U.S. armed services.


“My managers have been very flexible with my Army Reserve duties, and they value my experience as a military officer. Their support is crucial to me being able to carry out a successful career both in the military and with DuPont.”

Warren Kraus, Logistics Specialist, Sourcing & Logistics
Wilmington, DE
Veteran and member of DuPont Veteran’s Network


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