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Bring your training, your passion, and your determination, and join us for the hands-on experience you need to start your career.

Our internship and co-op programs at DuPont are designed to help you learn and develop essential skills so you can excel in your chosen career path. It’s here, during your internship or co-op, where you’ll gain real world experience that’ll prepare you to be a leader at DuPont. 

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What to expect

We’re looking for people who are passionate, hard working, and ambitious, ready to make an impact from day one. Our US student program includes 10–12 week internships and 3–6 month co-op assignments. The program length may differ in other countries where DuPont has internship and co-op programs available.

During your program, you’ll work collaboratively with DuPont professionals on meaningful projects to deliver real-world results. You’ll develop a strong network of colleagues in diverse roles, helping you obtain insights that will inform future career choices. 


Internship & Co-op tracks

We currently offer programs across six business areas:


Our engineering internship and co-op experiences are designed for the next generation of bright, talented, business-minded problem solvers who show the capabilities and determination to become leaders at DuPont.

When you join our industry-leading team, you'll be empowered to get the most out of a variety of relevant assignments. You'll be rewarded with invaluable experience in production, design, and research and development.

Co-op roles typically run 3–6 months. Internships are 10–12 weeks.

You'll have opportunities to:

- Work in a dynamic team environment with access to the resources of our global organization
- Develop an understanding of the manufacturing technology environment
- Perform analytical project work using Six Sigma methodology
- Work with experienced engineering professionals to learn and perform your responsibilities
- Develop an understanding of DuPont strategic business units and operations, our product offerings, and how materials and service requirements and issues are managed
- Adopt and follow DuPont's core values of safety, ethics, respect for people, and environmental stewardship, both on a personal and business level
- Work in a business casual environment with a flexible work/life balance


Accounting and finance majors, this is your opportunity to prove your skills, to step up to new challenges, to learn from some of the best in the business across a global portfolio with net sales of $62.5 billion in 2017.

You'll have opportunities to:

- Assist the team with monthly accounting activities, such as journal entries, compliance, account reconciliation, and invoicing
- Help enhance and streamline process improvement projects for accounting, reporting, and more
- Perform issue resolution and improvement projects
- Help implement and support new systems and system upgrades
- Gain experience in business software and system applications
- Receive exposure to our multinational accounting operations
- Conduct benchmarking and competitive analyses
- Perform analysis of material or product costs, including data validation, error correction, issue identification, and resolution
- Study sales procedures, product pricing, customer interactions, and cash positions

Information Technology & Digital Transformation

During your internship, you’ll be partnered with technology professionals to work on meaningful projects, giving you real world experience with a real impact on our business.

Our student program includes 10–12 week internships and three to six month co-op assignments. Each program is designed to foster growth through learning in real word experiences. 

Research & Development

As one of the world’s leading science companies, DuPont offers R&D interns an informal, highly creative work setting where open communication and environmental responsibility are considered company hallmarks.

You'll have opportunities to:

- Participate in research including planning, preparation, calibration, application, evaluation, and analysis with a supervisor
- Learn troubleshooting, problem solving, and proactive support of the facility’s process areas
- Collaborate with on-site teams to monitor and manage critical performance in the facility, including operations, maintenance, and quality control
- Support the introduction of new products and technologies
- Design and develop operations, equipment, processes, and methods
- Model behavior that's appropriate for Our Values: safety and health, protecting the planet, respect for people, and the highest ethical behavior

Supply Chain & Procurement

The worlds of global supply chain management and procurement are rapidly changing. This is your opportunity to be at the forefront of that change, helping to drive it, guide it, and learn from it.

Here, your managers will support and empower you to reach your full potential as you hone your focus on the customer. You'll play an important part in a variety of meaningful assignments and gain hands-on experience and invaluable insight into the future of this vital business area.

You'll have opportunities to:

- Develop your talents in planning and scheduling, warehouse operations, import/export, and logistics
- Adopt and embrace DuPont's core values of safety and health, protecting the planet, respect for people, and the highest ethical behavior, both on a personal and business level
- Work in a dynamic team environment that has access to the resources of a large organization
- Carry out crucial responsibilities as you develop an understanding of the domestic and international supply chain and global procurement logistics and processes
- Develop an understanding of DuPont’s strategic business units, operations, our product offerings, and how materials and service requirements are managed
- Work in a business casual environment with a flexible work/life balance

Management Leadership Development Program

Our internship program is your first exposure to DuPont as a potential candidate for the full-time Management Leadership Development Program (MLDP).

We recruit first-year MBA students from leading business schools who are passionate about marketing and strategy and demonstrate leadership potential. This 10-week internship is challenging, instructive, and rewarding. Your assignment will reflect a balance of strategic and leadership initiatives, as well as analytical, creative, and tactical experiences.

You’ll take on challenging assignments in strategic marketing, brand management, business-to-business, or business-to-consumer marketing. You’ll also have an unrivaled opportunity to apply your marketing, strategy, teamwork, and leadership skills to solve real business problems.

Performance expectations are high, but you’ll have the resources, tools, and team support to help you achieve your objectives. During your internship, you’ll work on business recommendations, which will be shared with the leadership team of your strategic business unit at the conclusion of the internship.

The MLDP internship will expose you to company-wide businesses, clients, products, senior company executives, business strategy, and competitive positioning. You’ll also come to know DuPont’s unique culture through a variety of planned activities. And you’ll have opportunities to learn more about the program from program participants, managers and corporate senior management.

At the end of the assignment, based on a comprehensive performance evaluation by assignment managers and the MLDP leadership team, the top performing interns may be invited to join the full-time program.


“It’s been a rewarding process to improve the functionality of a tool to run more efficiently.”

Maria Tartaglia, Supply Chain Summer Intern


Internship & Co-op requirements

Here are the eligibility requirements you’ll need to meet before you apply. 

Program requirements may differ outside of the U.S.



You must be a full-time student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree


You must be able to complete the 10–12 week internship commitment or 3–6 month co-op commitment 


You must be able to work in the U.S. without restriction (U.S. internships only)


You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA for most roles

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